Google Now Includes Accessible Routes

Here is an article from about google's new map features.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 1.44.46 PM.png

It seems so simple to include access to various routes that would facilitate easier access to getting around for the disabled community. And yet this is not quite a first, but nearly from Google .

Google said this month that it is adding information on its Maps platform to point people to accessible public transit stops in cities around the world.


In order to find an accessible public transit route, users can type in a destination on Google Maps, then select “directions” and the public transportation icon. Next, choose “wheelchair accessible” under “options.”

This is not Google’s first effort to add accessibility details to Maps. In 2016, Google Maps started including information on business listings indicating if a location is wheelchair accessible. It's wonderful that it is getting better and easier to get around safely and conveniently.

Karen Korman