Top 5 Uses for the Amazing Grip Board

grip drink holder 2.jpg

If you have ever carried a variety of things on a tray only to have them all going flying everywhere, the grip board is for you!


#1: Of course one of the most difficult things to carry (and the easiest to spill) is drink - with the addition of the specially designed drink carrier, spills are unlikely!


#2: Ipads can be accessed and worked on without the fear that they will fall

#3: Mobile phones stay in place when you are doing other tasks - ready to make calls and pick up calls without having to look for your phone in pockets or other inconvenient places

#4: Hot food can move directly from the oven to the Grip Board and then be transported from kitchen to table without the worry about spills or burning your hand

#5: Magazines, books, and any reading material will be easy to access and not fall off your lap